YouTube Tuesday: Grey Poupon’s Decidedly Undesperate Facebook Page; Toyota Tundra; and a West Wing Coup

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YouTube Tuesday took a break last week for the Jewish New Year (happy new year if that’s your thing, BTW). We’re back this week with three killer product/service videos and the usual accompanying mini marketing/communications/branding critiques. 1. Grey Poupon. Many Apply. Few Cut the Mustard This is wickedly brilliant. If you remember the funny ads like […]


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I wish I could remember the term from my first-year undegrad writing course… it had something to do with using aspects of human creations to describe nature.. something to do with the irony of that. I only remember the example the TA used.. “the forest leaves smelled of Vicks cough drops”.. I thought of that […]

Twittervertising… An Idea

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The basic uses for Twitter seem pretty set right now.  I’m thinking about wilder uses. E.g. here’s a mock of a site (or desktop or mobile app) that a brand could build/distribute. Here the interface takes on the look and feel of the brand in question while accessing standard Twitter content–or perhaps autofilling a hashtag […]

How Facebook Ads Could Really Click

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Please note… this was written in 2008. It is still (even perhaps more) relevant today. The facts are out of date (note the pre-Timeline mockups and early “engagement ads”) but the core idea remains solid. Facebook is doing it half right. Facebook should make building a compelling social media platform based on the unique and […]